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West London’s Trailer Happiness

I sat down with Sly Augustin, owner of Trailer Happiness, and talked about what it’s like to have one of the hottest cocktails bars in

Raashid Hooks: “Tru...

At The Hooks Company we promote the simplicity of

Maytha Alhassen: “A...

Maytha Alhassen is based in Los angeles California. She

Illustrated POV

The Intercontinentalist Illustrated

“HAITIANO”: The Worst Night Ever in Santo Domingo (La Republica Dominican) Story by Molaundo Jones | Illustration by Aodhan Cummings       To Be

The Arab Republic of Egyp...

  Egypt has millenia of amazing history. The Intercontinentalist

Anxiety at Customs

 Have you ever spent a bit too long at

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    London’s Central Line

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    The Arab Republic of Egypt

      Egypt has millenia of

    Jan 04, 2015

    New England Cruising

    Downtown Providence, Rhode Island betrays

    Nov 17, 2014

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    Cairo Before the Revolution

    At the time, it was the most ancient place that I had visited. Cairo- land of the gods and center of the world for millennia.


    Medellin: The Land of Escobar

    I had never been to South America and was excited to be visiting Colombia for the first time. I’ve heard about the city and seen


    Old San Juan’s El Batey

    Old San Juan is full of beautiful bright colored stucco buildings and a variety of palm trees. Its also well known for its great restaurants


    Dance of the Habesha

    Have you ever seen traditional Habesha (Ethiopian and Eritrean) dancing? I was taken to Yod Abyssinia, a restaurant in Addis Ababa, by my friend Meron



    After a lifetime of travel it was our first trip to rural Africa. We journeyed from Lagos to Osogbo, Nigeria, home of the ancient Yoruba


    Puerto Rican Home Cooking

    There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal especially one prepared by someone’s mom in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This dish is stuffed pork filled with all