An All White Affair in Brooklyn

There is something uniquely elegant about the color white and, as prejudicial as it may sound while taking nothing from my love of the color black, I’m somehow drawn to it’s simplicity, reverence, and the pageantry.  Perhaps it’s the effort that is painstakingly taken to ensure that its color stays true . . . who knows?  One only needs to look at the proliferation of “white parties” to recognize that I’m not alone in this assessment and preference.

And with so many “white parties”, what is it that makes some stand out above the fray?  More over, who is responsible for this annual summertime outbreak of communal social interaction?  Surely it didn’t begin with  Puff Daddy’s . . . or Diddy’s opulent East Hampton affairs?  Again who knows?  The most that I can say is that we have continued to build upon the expected experience, both collectively and individually, to create any of a number of widely varied affairs.Granted, my preference lends itself towards the classier of white affairs rather than the alternative (which you can probably define for yourself).  Bearing this in mind, I must pay special recognition to a particular affair:

the “Pop Up Dinner Brooklyn” presented by Acura as a benefit for the Prospect Park Alliance.






First and foremost, special recognition must be paid to the organizers of this event (Hand Made Events) for the manner in which they were able to create an event that was available to the public while maintaining an air of private exclusivity to it.  They were able to capitalize on the creativity of New Yorkers in terms of bringing their own party experience to a casually elegant event.  For example, instead of providing food and beverages, they simply provided the atmosphere, a cozy and mildly remote corner of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. In addition they provided entertainment (singer-songwriter Ben Folds) and tables with chairs.  The dining experience, however, was left to the creativity of each individual group of friends culminating in a kaleidoscope of culinary fare.  The resulting sea of dress-coded white was timelessly painted into the canvas of lush Brooklyn foliage thus, creating an almost Sherwood Forest-like atmosphere.

And of course, after all of the vittles were consumed and wine appreciated with pinkies in the air, DJ OP took to the tables (or maybe Serato) turning Prospect Park into a giant Neue Breukelen (hipster for Brooklyn) style dance party.  The whole thing was done and dusted by 10 PM when everyone, or at least most, gathered all evidence of there ever being a gathering and promptly disappeared into the night.

All in all, a classically good time.

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Charles Vincent Burwell

Charles Vincent is a northern Californian born sartorialist, musician, theater producer and business strategist with great taste in fine wine, whiskey, and cigars.

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