Andre Zachery’s “Untamed Space”

Danspace Project presents the World Premiere of André M. Zachery/Renegade Performance Group’s Untamed Space, September 28-30, 2017, at 8pm.

In “Untamed Space”, Renegade Performance Group artistic director and choreographer André M. Zachery calls upon his familial lineage in the Southern United States and Haiti and his upbringing on the southside of Chicago to construct an interdisciplinary performance about “marooning” in the 21st Century. Untamed Space features performers Kentoria Earle, Candace Thompson, Nehemoyia Young, and Zachery. This the first Danspace Project commission for Zachery, who celebrates a decade of making work with Renegade Performance Group, his Brooklyn-based dance company exploring Black artistic aesthetics and expressions through dance theatre, visual performance, and film/media.

Historically, maroon colonies were liberated communities of Africans who escaped to hills, mountains, and forests upon their arrival to the Americas in the 17th and 18th centuries. The title “maroon” came from Spanish colonizers who described these Africans as cimarrón (which translates to untamed or wild). Deemed dangerous from an outside perspective, within the boundaries of maroon colonies existed thriving cultures that actively interrupted the orders of oppression.

Untamed Space considers the spiritual dimensions of maro​on colonies and, in Zachery’s own words,​ “how the creation of those impassible spaces has influenced contemporary identities of African-blooded people in the Americas.” He writes, “Maroon colonies did not disappear with emancipation. They merely took new forms and names: Black Homesteads and Black Towns, the Black Belt, favelas, shantytowns, shotgun houses, storefront churches, ghettos, the hood. Black Spaces. Maroon colonies. Untamed Spaces.” Untamed Space is Zachery’s latest foray under his AFROFUTURISM series, an ongoing artistic investigation exploring and reinterpreting Black signifiers and culture through technology with a contemporary perspective.

Advance tickets are priced at $22 ($15 members) and can be purchased by visiting or by calling (866) 811.4111. When available, tickets can be purchased at the door on the night of the performance for $25 (cash or check only). Danspace Project is located inside St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery at 131 East 10th Street (near 2nd Avenue) in Manhattan’s East Village. For more information, please contact Lily Cohen, (212) 674.8112, Photo Credit: Richard Louissant

André M. Zachery (b.1981, Chicago, United States) is a Brooklyn, NY based interdisciplinary artist. He holds a BFA from the Ailey/Fordham University program and a MFA in Performance & Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College. His artistic practice is grounded in devising choreographic, performative, multimedia and critical engagement projects exploring contemporary Black cultural aesthetics and practices. Learn more about Andre and RPG at

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