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West London’s Trailer Happiness

Dec 29, 2016No Comments846 Views

I sat down with Sly Augustin, owner of Trailer Happiness, and talked about what it’s like to have one of the hottest cocktails bars in the world. A true intercontinentalist, Sly and I first crossed paths about

Raashid Hooks: “True Elegance is Rese...

Dec 09, 2016No Comments561 Views

At The Hooks Company we promote the simplicity of elegance. We all know elegance when we see it. Whether it be a fine pen, a crystal decanter, or beautiful shoes, what we are really captivated by is

Maytha Alhassen: “A Place We’re...

Sep 30, 2016No Comments735 Views

Maytha Alhassen is based in Los angeles California. She describes herself as a “Love justice servant, traveler, journalist, poet, serendipity junkie, yogi & PhD candidate in love with honesty, healing and authentic self-revealing.” You can learn more about

Harald Austad aka Supervillain: “See ...

Dec 19, 2014No Comments1143 Views

Harald Austad is a music producer and evil genius at Supervillain. He was born in Asker, a small town right outside of Oslo, Norway and is currently based in New York City. You can learn more about Harald’s work

Kyung Jeon: “Explore & Take Chan...

Nov 24, 2014No Comments2084 Views

Kyung Jeon is a Jersey City native based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She describes herself as a “hardworking, creative, loving introvert.” Kyung is a visual artist and designer and you can learn more about her work at www.kyung.com

Mykola Webster: Love, Loyalty, and Connecti...

Nov 16, 2014No Comments1552 Views

  Mykola Webster is a first generation Jamaican American born in Philly and based in New York City.  Mykola is founder of Direct Model Management and Brides En Blanc and describes herself as “loyal, full of love, and

Tee Max: “Question & Rediscover&...

Nov 15, 2014No Comments529 Views

Tee Max is an East London native currently residing in Kent. You can learn more about his work at http://teedilla.tumblr.com and http://teemax.tumblr.com. MJ: Where is your favorite travel destination? TM: My favourite place is Stockholm. I have