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Paella at Restaurante La Viborilla Paternin...

Oct 07, 2017No Comments143 Views

When in Spain, it’s only right that you try Flamenco dancing, maybe see a bullfight, and eat paella. La Viborilla Paternina was highly recommended as

Maio Milano

Sep 23, 2017No Comments144 Views

If you’re looking for a great restaurant to get dressed up and splurge on, you have to try Maio in Milan. Positioned a stone’s throw

Rabbit & Gnocchi @ Marliave

Feb 02, 2017No Comments310 Views

Marliave is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston, USA. Founded in 1885, this former popular speakeasy was reportedly raided by the Feds several times

Montreal’s Santropol, Patati Patata, ...

Nov 01, 2016No Comments530 Views

If I do little else when traveling abroad, I always eat well. While in Montreal I tried a few restaurants on for size. Here are

The 2016 Miss Chef Competition

Oct 26, 2016No Comments441 Views

The 2016 Miss Chef judges (r-l): Molaundo, Maria Abate (Italian instructor), Gloria Martini (Roman restauranteur), Luca Mazzara (visual artist), Alessia Siena (fashion designer), and Shaban

Stockholm in 2 Minutes

Oct 14, 2016No Comments1963 Views

When the Clever crew took our first trip to Stockholm, Sweden, we had an epic first visit. Experience Stockholm in 2 minutes. OUR TOP 10

Puerto Rican Home Cooking

Nov 17, 2014No Comments807 Views

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal especially one prepared by someone’s mom in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This dish is stuffed pork filled with all