Molaundo Jones

Molaundo is a New York native, visual artist and founder of The Clever Agency whose vision of The Intercontinentalist was born from an amazing stint living in London and exploring Europe.


Clever NYC is a band of international creatives bent on making the world a better place and creating a global community.

Charles Vincent Burwell

Charles Vincent is a northern Californian born sartorialist, musician, theater producer and business strategist with great taste in fine wine, whiskey, and cigars.

Ramon Ariel De Los Santos

Ramon Ariel is a Dominican born, New York City raised visual artist and writer set on capturing the essence of places through art.

Aodhan Cummings

Aodhan is a New York native, SVA Illustration grad and creator of "Hardy Cases," who spends a decent amount of time critiquing super hero costumes.

James Sasser

James is an actor, theater producer, and business development strategist hailing from northern California who knows a thing or two about fine wine and bi-coastal living.

Maneli Zakipour

Maneli is a Persian-Swede globetrotter, lawyer, and model based in Stockholm.

Kendra Foster

Kendra is a Grammy Award-winning soul siren and funk goddess hailing from Tallahassee with more passport stamps than anyone you know.

Winta Negassi

Winta is a Norwegian-born, Eritrean pop star living in London who speaks enough languages to be considered a walking Rosetta Stone.

Andre Zachery

Andre is a Chicago native, choreographer, filmmaker, and founder of Renegade Performance Group who loves taking his show on the road.


Helene is an Eritrean-German loving life in London with her sights set on NYC.

Warren Oliver

Warren is a New York-based Creative Director from Virginia and founder of Holland West Productions who loves horror movies and Flying Lotus concerts.