Maio Milano

If you’re looking for a great restaurant to get dressed up and splurge on, you have to try Maio in Milan. Positioned a stone’s throw away from Il Duomo Cathedral, one of Europe’s most stunning architectural efforts, Maio serves modern fusion cuisine that is almost as impressive as its aerial view. Here are some of the delicious dishes that my palate will never forget:


This too-small dish was actually my favorite food of the evening. An egg served with pecorino cream cheese, greens, and peppered breading, this dish was rich, spicy, and actually only had the slightest taste of egg. It was quite the unforgettable appetizer.


Easily the best risotto I’ve ever had, I wish I could repeat this recipe at home. Served with red wine, cherry extract, sausages, and parmesan cheese, the fusion of textures in this risotto was to die for.


This light and tasty ravioli dish was served with pesto, clams, codfish, and pumpkin flowers.


The octopus was delicious and cooked less chewy texture than I’ve ever experienced. It was almost cheese-like in texture. It was served with soft potatoes, green beans, and pine nuts, but could have been a little spicier.


A tender steak served with a gravy-like Bernese sauce and roasted potatoes.

Molaundo Jones

Molaundo is a New York native, visual artist and founder of The Clever Agency whose vision of The Intercontinentalist was born from an amazing stint living in London and exploring Europe.

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