“Promise to Stay Here” by Kendra Foster

My song, “Promise To Stay Here” comes from an intimate place, from love. In the video, I didn’t want to have a person play my love interest. I wanted to embody how love feels. In love, we feel dreamy, intimate, spiritual, sensual, free, open, confident, vulnerable, beautiful, honest, trusting, alive, and we take risks. In love, we are our true, natural selves, & we dare to go to that purest place with no pretense— uncloaked down to our most real, natural selves, and comfortable and good with it. Big shout out to The Clever Agency for producing this video! ~Kendra Foster

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Happiness 🙂

“The Twins” | Dreams do come true! 🙂

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Kendra Foster

Kendra is a Grammy Award-winning soul siren and funk goddess hailing from Tallahassee with more passport stamps than anyone you know.

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