Portuguese Street Dining

I lived in Portugal in 2008 to work with a contemporary dance company and returned with my own company – Renegade Performance Group, as the main dance company in the 2012 Cistermúsica Festival. Portugal slowed everything down for me, which was disarming coming from New York. Yet the pace allowed me to experience new people, languages, and cuisine in a calm and subtle atmosphere. It gave me a deeper understanding of human connection.

I toured in many cities throughout Portugal. Roamed the shadowed streets of Lisbon. Walked the Eiffel bridges of Viana do Costello. Tasted in the finest Port wines in the wineries of Porto. From the salt filled air of the Atlantic coast, to the country’s love of beautiful football (I dare not call it soccer out of respect), Portugal shaped me into an Intercontinentalist.

Andre Zachery

Andre is a Chicago native, choreographer, filmmaker, and founder of Renegade Performance Group who loves taking his show on the road.

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