Wedding at Meguro Gajouen, Tokyo

I had always wanted to visit Japan, so I was super excited when my good friend’s wedding invitation came in the post! All I can say is that it’s been one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to…

Japan1Bags packed and ready for that 15 hour flight. I had never flown that many hours in one go before.

Japan2I  fell asleep, watched about 4 movies and fell asleep again only to find out that we still had about 7 hours to go. So finally seeing that plane hovering over Tokyo felt amazing!

Japan8Traditional Japanese omelette type dish were you prepare your own food with the ingredients you like. Smashing!

Japan15A traditional Japanese wedding had just finished at a beautiful temple in Kamakura (Japan’s first capital we were told).

Japan14I love exploring culture and history. We walked all day to see different temples and to understand Japanese culture better. This is from a temple in Hase Kamakura.

Japan16The Great Buddha, about 13.5 meters tall and weighs about 93 tonnes. They say it dates as far back as 1252. Carrying the ticket you purchase to see it is meant to bring you good luck.

Japan13Had to go in for a kiss on the cheek when I had my chance 😉

Japan12Yukinoshita, Kamakura – beautiful temples where you can make a silent prayer in peace.

Japan11So one thing I learnt is that you can’t take a picture without making the peace sign in Japan. I loved it!

Japan10We took the bullet train to Kyoto from Tokyo, Kyoto is the only place in Japan where you can spot a Geisha. What s beautiful city though!

Japan9You’ve never seen tree leaves as colourful as in Kyoto…

Japan6Back in Tokyo..this is a park near Harajuku.

Japan5I’m a Harajuku girl! Now I know why Gwen Stefani was so obsessed with this area. It’s all about showing your individuality here!


Meguro Gajouen- what an amazing Wedding ceremony. I loved the traditions of planting a baby tree to symbolise your new family and how it will grow stronger and stronger.

IMG_2185The dinner consisted of about 6 dishes, everything from to sushi to massaged beef!

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